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Swine Flu - Facts

Swine flu is a respiratory disease caused by Influenza virus. Symptoms include a fever of 100 F or greater, cough, nasal discharge, fatigue, and headache. It is transmitted from person to person by inhalation or ingestion of droplets containing the virus from people sneezing or coughing. It is not transmitted by eating cooked pork products.

For protecting yourself, some useful measures include washing hands with soap and water or a hand sanitizer prior to touching your eyes, nose or mouth. The droplets from a cough/sneeze usually land within 6 feet. So if you cannot avoid crowds, try to remain aware of people around you and use the 6 foot rule with anyone coughing or sneezing.

Vaccination is the best way to prevent infection. Anti-viral medicines, Zanamivir & Oseltamivir, have been reported to reduce the effects of swine flu if taken within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms.


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