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      Community Delivery works

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    • Community Delivery

      1. This service is an option available for select gated communities
      2. As part of this service, all online orders from the community will be delivered together once every day to a mutually identified drop off point
      3. All deliveries under this service will be free of shipping charges
      4. Enter your Apartment / Block details on the delivery details page
      5. Orders placed by 11 pm under this service, will be delivered the next day at the communicated time

      How it Works?

      1. Select your community
        • Step 1:Select community option
          Select Locality Select Community
        • Step 2:Select your city
          Select City
        • Step 3:Type your community name / locality / pincode in the search box
          Enter community name / locality / pincode
        • Step 4:Select your community from the suggestions and submit
          Select your community
        • Step 5:Verify your selected community details and proceed
          Verify your selected community details
      2. Select the products you like to order
      3. At Checkout
        • Upload your prescription
        • Add your apartment / block details on the delivery details page
        • Make payment and confirm
      4. Your order will be delivered at the designated drop off point as per the time displayed

      If your community is not listed here,
      please whatsapp community details to the following number

      +91 781 593 6188
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