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Save upto 35% on Medicines - FlexiRewards

Why FlexiRewards?

With FlexiRewards, you have the flexibility to choose either a cash discount or free products. The products available under the scheme are regular use household products that you would otherwise buy on a regular basis. Opting for free products instead of cash would result in savings that are up to 3 or 4 times higher.

How does FlexiRewards scheme work?

Every time you shop at MedPlus whether in store or online, you have the option of choosing either a cash discount or FlexiRewards points which can be exchanged for free products.

For example: If you purchase medicines worth Rs.1000/-, you can opt for a cash discount of Rs 200 or 200 FlexiRewards Points. At the time of medicine purchase or up to 2 years after, you can exchange these points for products worth up to Rs 350.

What products can I exchange my FlexiRewards points for?

We offer an extensive selection of free products from household, personal care, food, kitchen items etc. For complete FlexiRewards free products catalogue click here

How is FlexiRewards better than a direct cash discount?

By opting for a cash discount at the time of medicine purchase, you will be able to only save up to maximum of 20%. The FlexiRewards points on the other hand can be exchanged for products of much higher value resulting in savings of up to 35%.

How long are FlexiRewards points valid?

FlexiRewards points have a validity of 2 calendar years or 24 months from the date they are awarded.

Where can I redeem FlexiRewards points?

FlexiRewards points can be redeemed at any MedPlus store or or MedPlus App. You can view your point balance and history in My account section.

Other important Terms & Conditions for FlexiRewards Scheme

  1. FlexiRewards points are awarded up on successful completion of a purchase in case of a store visit or successful delivery of the order in case online or App order
  2. FlexiRewards points can also be redeemed at any time up to 2 years from the date of accrual..
  3. FlexiRewards points cannot be exchanged for cash
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