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    Sample Type: 24HRS URINE

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    Potassium is an important electrolyte. It is mostly found inside the cells, but about 10% circulates in blood. It helps in nerve conduction, fluid balance, muscle contraction, and heart function. It is excreted through the urine. Serum potassium levels are routinely checked along with other electrolytes in any serious illness, to evaluate high blood pressure or kidney disease, in those taking diuretics or heart medications. Urine levels are sometimes checked to further aid in diagnosis of kidney and fluid balance disorders.

    Test Instructions

    The test is performed on a 24 hr urine collection. Empty your bladder in the morning and collect the urine for the next 24 hrs, everytime you go to the toilet including the next morning. Avoid vigorous exercise 24 hrs prior to the test

    List of 2 Parameters Included

    • 24hrs Urine Volume
    • Potassium - Urine

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