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    Department: BIOCHEMISTRY

    Sample Type: URINE

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    A protein to creatinine ratio may be ordered on a random sample prior to a 24 hour collection. Since a dipstick primarily measures albumin, a 24 hour collection may be ordered if a doctor suspects proteins other than albumin to be present in urine. A 24 hour protein or protein/creatinine ratio may be used to monitor a person with known kidney damage.

    Test Instructions

    Test is performed on a urine sample. No preparation is needed. Inform your doctor about all the medicines, vitamins, nutritional supplements, herbal or ayurvedic preparations, and homeopathic medicines you are taking

    List of 3 Parameters Included

    • Protein - Urine (Spot)
    • Creatinine - Spot Urine
    • Protein / Creatinine Ratio (Spot Urine)

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