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Cadbury Bournvita is a delicious chocolate health drink which is enriched with vitamins (D, B2, B9, B12), iron and calcium. The rich vitamin D brings out the best of the calcium in the milk. Not just vitamin D, the combination of vitamin C, iron and other essential vitamins and minerals together help in multiplying the power of milk. This is a refill packaging of half kg. Use this pack to refill your original Bournvita bottle.

Previously known as Bourn-vita, Bournvita is a popular nutrition drink for all age groups. However, the most beneficial product for children since its their growing age and it becomes really important to ensure that they are receiving all the nutrition they require. This energy helps your child in many ways and prepares him best for the entire day. The tasty chocolate flavour makes it delicious and your kids will instantly love it.

This is a refill packaging and can be used to refill your original Bournvita bottle/pack.

Benefits of Bournvita Powder Refill 500gm

  • Phosphorous act as building blocks for normal bone development thus resulting in stronger bones
  • Vitamin D helps in absorbing calcium from various foods
  • Protein aids muscle building and muscle repair thus leading to stronger muscles
  • Iron, folate and vitamin B12 are essential for blood formation and maintaining a healthy brain and nervous system. Thus promotes an active brain, encourages normal brain development and functions
  • Maintains normal vision
  • Improves metabolism
  • Boosts immunity


Mix 1-2 teaspoons of Bournvita and add to a cup of hot or cold milk (sugar too if required). For an average child, 2 servings per day is recommended.

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