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Ensure Chocolate BIB Powder is a completely balanced health and nutrition supplement for undernourished people or who are experienced involuntary weight loss. The product comes in powder form and can be consumed either with or without food. Made of 32 vital nutrients, the nutrition keeps you strong and fit.

It consists of proteins and carbohydrates which provide you with the energy you need for the day-to-day work and sodium, potassium, calcium keep your general health on track. Vitamins in the product boost your antioxidant quotient and protect you against the free radicals that may cause damage to the cells. The low sugar makes it suitable for diabetic patients too (though this may vary depending on how severe your diabetes is)

The product is of 200gms net quantity and one spoonful of this product with cold water gives you a thin consistency drink- as simple as that. The yummy chocolate flavour makes it tasty for you. However, if this is not strong or tasty enough for you, you may add a little of your favorite syrup to it to uplift the taste.

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