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In a broad sense, the Himalaya Ayurslim capsules are used for natural body trimming in cases of overweight or obesity. By enhancing the metabolism rate, these capsules are chemical-free ways to lose weight. By burning fats an lipids in the body, these capsules have a therapeutic effect on the consumer.

Suitable for adults (both men and women)

Benefits of the Himalaya Ayurslim Capsules:
  • Gymnema leaves potentially reduce intestinal absorption of glucose
  • Gymnema also stimulates pancreas to increase insulin production
  • By decreasing and keeping control of sugar cravings, it also deals with obesity
  • Further also neutralizes any extra sugar content in the body
  • Garcinia slows down the body's ability to store fat. Therefore allows more fat to pass through the body without getting stored.
  • With Indian Bdellium's purifying and rejuvenating abilities, immunity is boosted
  • It also regulates the body's lipid level
  • Further yet, it also decreases the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body
  • Himalaya Ayurslim also has fenugreek seeds as an ingredient which act as appetite suppressant and gives a feeling of fullness for longer.
  • Chebulic Myrobalan detoxifies and removes impurities from the body

Product Specifications:
  • A pack of 180 capsules in total
  • Natural product made out of herbs
  • Safe: usually no side effects noted
  • Widely used ayurvedic medicine from ages

Dosage: Conventionally, 2-4 capsules per day are consumed (one in the morning and one in the night), after food. The dosage of Himalaya Ayurslim capsules is usually inbetween a period of 3 to 6 months. However, dosage and timings may vary from person to person. Thus consulting your dietitian or physician is beneficial.

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