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      Country of origin: INDIA

      Seller Information

      MRP 58

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      Product Information

      Concetest Plus Device helps is a pregnancy test kit that helps you in getting the results in just 2-3 minutes. The card contains anti-HCG globulin. This pregnancy test kit is easy to use and provides apt and reliable results, right at home

      Suitable for women

      Benefits of Concetest Plus Device

      • It contains anti-HCG globulin
      • It provides results in just 2-3 minutes
      • It is easy to use

      How to use Concetest Plus Device

      • Concetest Plus Device is usually stored in the refrigerator, therefore, it is important to bring it to the room temperature before use. It is advisable to use perform this test in the mornings.
      • Remove the plastic cap to expose the absorbent window.
      • Point the absorbent tip of Concetest Plus Device (with 5 small openings) directly into the urine stream. Take the sample for at least 7-10 seconds, to ensure that an adequate sample is collected by the testing device. (Another technique is to collect the urine into a clean container and dip half of the absorbent pad for at least 10 seconds.)
      • Re-cap the Concetest Plus Device and place it horizontally on a clean, flat surface. Wait 5 minutes for the test to finish processing.
      • Negative Result: NOT PREGNANT Only one color band appears on the top Control (C) region. There should be no apparent band on the Test (T) region. The control line is designed to validate the test and should be crisp and clear in intensity against the white background.
      • Positive Result: POSSIBLE PREGNANCY Distinct and consistent color bands appear on the Control (C) and Test (T) regions. Color intensity of the bands may vary according to concentration and level of hCG development. The test line is usually slightly weaker in intensity in comparison to the control line. The pattern of increasing intensity of the test line is a much better predictor of pregnancy rather than any individual reading.
      • Invalid Results – If there is no visible control line, discard the test. Repeat test with a newConcetest Plus Device.

      Storage Information

      Store Concetest Plus Device at normal room temperature, between 36°F and 86°F. Discard unused Concetest Plus Device after the expiration date, which is stamped on each sealed pregnancy test. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, moisture, heat, and other related conditions.

      Seller Information
      Manufactured By


      11-a, 4th cross veerasandra industrial area, electronics city -ii phase, bangalore -560 100, karnataka , inida,

      Packed By


      11-a, 4th cross veerasandra industrial area, electronics city -ii phase, bangalore -560 100, karnataka , inida,

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