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O.B. Tampon Super, in a pack of 10 pieces, are designed with the curved grooves technology that help in offering reliable protection from staining or leakage. They are made of highly absorbent fibres, which are interwoven together so as to offer protection during the nights and during the peak days of the menstrual cycle. O.B. Tampon Super are specially designed to fit comfortably, without any gaps. It also comes with a silk cover for easy insertion. It also offers protection from foul odour during the menses.

It is strongly suggested to change the tampon every 4-5 hours, as prolonged use can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome, which is a rare but a serious bacterial infection.

Benefits of O.B. Tampon Super

  • Curved groove technology offers reliable protection from stains and leakage
  • Made of highly absorbent fibres that are interwoven together to provide superior protection from stains even during the nights and the heavy flow days
  • Designed to fit comfortably without leaving any gap
  • Comes with a silk cover for easy insertion
  • Offers protection from foul odour


First, sit in a comfortable position – with your knees apart. Gently push the O.B. Tampon Super into your vagina using your fingers, leaving the string hanging outside. After use, pull out the tampon using the string that hangs out. Wrap the tampon in a disposable paper and throw it off in a waste paper basket. Do not flush it in the toilet.

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