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Calcium is an extremely vital nutrient in our body which is often considered to keep our bones fit and strong. Lesser known fact is that calcium ensures the normal functioning of nerves, cells and muscles as well. vitamin D3 helps the body to absorb calcium and phosphorous. The right amounts of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus together play a crucial role in building a good health of bones.

In case of a calcium deficiency in the bloodstream, the body starts to utilize calcium from the bones thus making bones weak. Therefore it is important to provide the body with sufficient quantities of calcium and vitamin D. Shelcal 250mg Tablet is one such solution which contains Calcium Carbonate (250mg) equivalent to Elemental Calcium (500mg) and Vitamin D3 (125IU) as active ingredients.

Suitable for adults

Benefits of Shelcal 250mg Tablet: 

  • Strengthens bones and improves overall bone quality
  • Treats osteoporosis, osteomalacia, rickets and other ailments that are a result of low calcium levels in the body
  • Used for vitamin D3 deficiency
  • Also for calcium deficiency
  • In pregnant women, this is prescribed for calcium deficiency of the mother, to improve bone strength and bone-building process of the fetus.
  • Also believed to reduce acidity, gas, stomach ulcer

Product Specifications

  • One strip of 30 tablets
  • Physician/gynaecologist endorsed product
  • Store in cool dry place
  • Keep out of children's reach


Conventionally, 1-2 tablets are consumed per day by an average adult. However, the dosage and timing may have to be altered depending on each individual case. Therefore consult your doctor for the same to be safe. Do not exceed the number of prescribed doses.

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